Desk Calendar (A5)

Print Desk Calendars online in Nairobi Kenya

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  • Starting at 1100/- for 1

Maximise your brand visibility all year round by gifting clients a free desk calendar. Fun fact 94% of all business recipients can remember the exact message printed in their office calendars.

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Print quality desk calendars in Nairobi or any other part of Kenya at great value. Desk calendars make great marketing and promotional materials as they help build and solidify brand identity and loyalty.

Not only are they great for your business, your clients will love them! Unlike other gifts which they may use once and discard, calendars provide the best mix of consistent brand exposure and low cost stretching out your budget without breaking the bank.

Select the options that best suit you and we'll design, print, package and deliver your Desk Calendars to your desired delivery location anywhere in Kenya

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